Mechanic workshop

The Vaison Sport mechanical workshop makes it possible to complement our boilermaking by assembling the vehicles manufactured in our workshops and the design of the electrical harnesses. Evolution, maintenance and reparation are the traditional activities for our team of mechanics specialized in motorsport. 

Areas of expertise

Electric harness

From study to manufacturing aircraft-grade electrical harnesses. From scratch for a new vehicle or to redo a harness on an existing vehicle.

Prototype assembly

In line with the projects studied within the company, we assemble the prototypes before they are delivered to the client.


Complete overhaul / reconditioning of vehicles by adding our know-how for Rally, Cross Country or historic racing.

Rally Assistance

Vaison Sport assists all types of vehicles (WRC, R5, VHC ...) across France on its rounds of regional and national championships.
The team has its own race assistance trucks and competent and motivated staff.