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construction véhicules shows

After having designed numerous vehicles intended especially for rallycross races for personal purposes, Christophe VAISON, pilot and recognized stuntman, decided in 1999 to create the company VAISON Sport.

Following a call for tenders, Vaison Sport is chosen to manufacture 26 prototypes for the show, "Moteur ... Actions! Stunt Show Spectacular ", one of the largest theme park in Europe.

In 2004, a Florida theme park, in turn, wants to set up this show and the company wins the tender for the manufacture of cars again. Since these contracts, VAISON Sport realizes the evolutions, the manufacture and the sale of parts for the various models of cars of these two unique shows in the world.

At the same time, the company deals with rally cars type 206WRC or 306 Maxi with a rental section. During 2008, Christophe VAISON bought the entire stock of 206 WRC parts. Peugeot Sport declares VAISON Sport as exclusive distributor of parts for these cars (more than fifty cars in the world). This purchase also commits the company to reproduce parts that are no longer in stock. This task will be facilitated through close collaboration with the lion brand teams.

206 WRC
mitsubishi rallye raid

In 2009, Thierry VIARDOT, former technical director of Mitsubishi Rallye Raid, as well as Matthieu PARENT, former engineer at Mitsubishi Rally Raid, join the SME in Burgundy and team up with Christophe VAISON.


These arrivals will allow the company to diversify and expand again as they bring with them customers of the rally raid. The company has a second youth and is growing thanks to many projects such as the construction of new 4x4 or the introduction of new engines following the various regulatory changes in order to reduce costs.

Since 2014, the Vaison Sport team has embarked on a new challenge with the construction and restoration of historic vehicles, starting with 504 or Porsche, and finally specializing in the Lancia 037.

lancia 037